5 Steps For Ceramic Car Coating Application

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5 Steps For Ceramic Car Coating Application

A ceramic coating gives your car a high lustre while also protecting the paint from the normal damage of wear and tear as well as weathering. Proper prep work and application are necessary for a successful application.

1. Washing

All coating applications begin with a thorough wash to remove surface dirt. This isn't your usual drive-through car wash but more of an exterior detailing that will remove dirt from every nook and cranny of the car. Any dust, grit or pollen that remains on the car can undermine the look and durability of the final ceramic coating, so a very thorough washing is necessary.

2. Contaminant Removal

Some grime won't easily come off the car's surface. Tree sap, chemicals from air pollution and other contaminants won't come off with soap and water. A clay bar is a special tool that will pull off these contaminants easily and without any damage to the paint job. The process can be time-consuming, but it is an important part of the necessary prep work before applying a ceramic coating. 

3. Paint Repair

The paint needs to be in near-pristine condition before the ceramic coating is applied. This means any small scratches or dings must be properly repaired first. The scratches will be cleaned and filled carefully. Then the entire exterior of the car will be thoroughly polished so that there are no remaining imperfections. If your paint isn't in nearly new condition prior to coating application, your auto tech may recommend repainting the vehicle first as any imperfections will be permanent once the ceramic coating is applied.

4. Final Polish

All of the previous work can leave behind some residue, typically from waxes and soaps used in the cleaning and repair process. The car will be polished to remove this buildup so that there is only a painted finish on the car for the coating to adhere to. When done properly, the car will have a high lustre without a single fingerprint or streak anywhere on its surface.

5. Coating Application

The ceramic application is applied similarly to wax. It is applied over a small area and allowed to cure for a few moments, then the excess is buffed away before moving on to the next section. After application, a final buff and polish are performed so that the high shine and dimensional look of the coating will be at its best.

Contact an auto body shop that performs services like ceramic coatings to learn more. 

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